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ConnectAndSell Vision & Leadership Lead to Record Paid Trials!

Around the time of the Sirius Decisions annual conference in Florida earlier this year, ConnectAndSell was pumping out about 10 – 15 “Paid Trials” per month–and had created a healthy high-growth technology business by then (since being founded in 2007).  And over the next 5 months, history was made under the Leadership of Chris Beall, CEO […]


CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization Study

CSO Insights is conducting their 21st  Sales Performance Optimization (SPO) survey, the past results of which have been featured in Business Week, Harvard Business Review, and Fortune. Having been a follower of this annual study, I would like to encourage you to take part in this new survey. In return for your participation CSO Insights […]


Marketers: Dial Attempts Do Matter!

The divine aha moment – dials from LDRs in San Francisco cost $8/dial where dials from ConnectAndSell Virtual Sales Force Reps cost $1.50/dial! Do the math! More is better!


Death of the Average Salesman

OpenView Labs got it so right with this post, that we’ve decided to add some of our input to it.  Just check out this customizable DEMO to see how. Why the “Death of the Average Salesman” is so applicable: “Less is more” – The billboard on the 101 says it all – “Fire 2/3 of […]


4 Stupid Sales Mistakes You Must Avoid

“Ignorance is bliss,” until what you’re ignorant about comes back to bite you! Do your sales results suck? Have you been making any of these dumb sales mistakes that cause those bad sales results? Find out below: Stupid Mistake #1: Selling Features, Not Benefits Say you sell computers to consumers. You go on and on about […]


How to Stay Motivated When All You Want to do is Quit

  Every profession is a real grind from time-to-time – sales is no exception. It’s difficult. You spend hours on the phone talking to people and all you hear is, “No,” “No thanks,” and “We don’t need that right now.” People are nice about it. But with sales, you’re going to hear more of “no” […]


Sales Acceleration: Be CAREFUL not to ACCELERATE “SUCK”!

Sales Acceleration: Be CAREFUL not to ACCELERATE “SUCK”! With Coaching as a Service from ConnectAndSell, your sales team is guaranteed NOT to SUCK!

ConnectAndSell Stats

A Millenial’s view of 7,962 Dials, 354 Sales Conversations, 42 appointments in just one week!!

Between 9/22 and 9/26 Kyle Green, a recent college graduate out of Florida State University (who recently relocated to Denver, CO) began working on a campaign for Inside View.  As shown, using ConnectAndSell, Kyle delivered 354 sales conversations, and 42 appointments! And here’s what Kyle has to say about it! As I began my career […]


Coaching as a Service: Double Your Conversion Rates Tomorrow!

Most sales training fails. I’m not talking like “it’s poor.” It’s more like a seriously epic fail. Case in point – research shows: Up to 80% of your sales skills are lost within a week if not used Up to 85% of sales training fails to ever deliver a positive ROI And then the Wall […]


Sales Coaching as a Service

According to The Sales Council, “70 percent of sales training is forgotten in 1 week, and 90 percent within a month!” Think about it, how many sales training programs have you been a part of, and what percent do you retain? So if a physical class environment coupled with ongoing training doesn’t work, what does!? […]


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