It “Hertz”!


Standing in line at Sfo airport in line to pick up a Hertz Rental car that I reserved. 15 minutes and still waiting. And tech support was no better.

Reminds me of the days I used to manual dial on the phone without agent assist. What a serious waste of time!

The difference? At least I’ll be through this line in 20-30 minutes! With manual dialing it takes an average of one hour for a rep to reach someone!

ConnectAndSell agent assisted dialing takes 2-5 minutes!

If your dialing Hertz like my delay at the airport today, check us out at!

An average DAY using ConnectAndSell is like an average MONTH elsewhere!

ImageAfter attending the AA-ISP 6th annual Leadership Summit this week in Chicago, I heard from a lot of people constrained by the epidemic of manual dialing methods.

In almost all of the sessions, “Social Selling” was brought up as THE way to grow your pipeline and sales.  To some extent, these experts are “right”.  As my sales team says, “Sales has always been a numbers game, the key is to couple Social Selling with Agent Assisted Dialing.”  Just ask Mike O’Neil of 

As the VP of Sales & Marketing, if you came back after traveling for a week, and found your “NEW GUY” made 577 dials and talked to 22 prospects on a Friday – how would that make you feel!?


Welcome to the new way of selling - give us a try! 



Manual vs. Agent Assisted Dialing and Try CAS FREE for 1 Hour at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit Session


Remember the old way of making sales calls?

You know how it goes…

Get someone’s contact information from your marketing list.

Cross your fingers that it’s a direct line, not the front desk’s number.

Give them a call.  Now you have to wait for the IVR to recite off all your options.

“For sales, press 1.  For a company directory, press 2.  To speak with customer service, press 3…”

Sometimes, you get 6-9 different options.

Then, you hear, “To speak with an operator, press 0.”  Shoot!  You mean you waited through that whole menu just to learn you could have spoken with an operator the whole time?!?!


So you hit 0 and get the operator.  You tell them who you are and why you’re calling, and they’re nice enough to let you through to speak with the company president.

…and then you get the voicemail!

This whole scenario becomes dramatically worse when you call billion-dollar corporations.  Round and round in circles you go, and you’re lucky to come anywhere close to the person you actually want to speak to.

This scenario sounds oh so familiar, doesn’t it?  If you’re like most sales professionals, however, you’ve come to accept it as the way things are done.

You can make about 40 calls on any given day, 50 if you’ve had a smooth day.

And then you continue repeating the process until you get in contact with someone, having just a few conversations each week.

What If You Could have Conversations Every 2-3 Minutes? 

I’m going to turn everything you thought you knew about sales right on its head.

Throw out the old scenario above, and consider what your sales results would look like if you could do the below instead:

You login to a cloud-based SaaS application.  The application integrates with every prominent sales tool available in the market – SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics…you name it.

The application begins dialing as soon as you login.  And, you still don’t have to navigate gatekeepers, IVRs, or any other obstacles.

Instead, highly trained virtual assistants do all this work for you.  When one of your prospects answers, you instantly see their contact information and get injected into the conversation.

During this whole process, agents continue to navigate phone trees and work on setting up the next conversation.

Once you finish the conversation, you enter in the contact information and notes, and then this information gets shared with your favorite CRM.

After you complete your session, you get a report showing all the connections you made that day so you can refine your performance.

All you did the whole time was have conversations.

This is What ConnectAndSell Does! 

With CAS, our customers:

  • Talk to a prospect every 2-3 minutes
  • Have 6-8 times more conversations than non-customers
  • Get $1 million in additional annual sales per rep (applies for the top 25 customers)
  • Increase staff productivity 5-8 times
  • Get 100 conversations per week per rep

Our own internal sales team of 12 averages 82 conversations with prospects every week.

If you want to try ConnectAndSell for FREE for 1 hour, visit us at our booth on day 1 of the AA-ISP Leadership Summit on April 8th from 12-1 PM.

But remember, you have to be one of the first 100 to visit us to try it out.

…or if you can’t be at the conference, fill out this form for a FREE trial.

AA-ISP Leadership Summit Session you DON’T WANT TO MISS




On Day 1 of the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Chicago, IL today (actually the day before day 1), in the Chapter President session, the #1 topic that drove the most attendance the past 12 months for chapter meetings – SOCIAL SELLING!

To add value for the Inside Sales Community this year, ConnectAndSell has donated a FREE LinkedIn Rock Star Book and LinkedIn Score by Mike O’Neil, one of the speakers at this years AA-ISP Summit.  


Stop by the ConnectAndSell Booth on Tuesday at Noon – 1pm to get your:

  1. Autographed book by Mike O’Neil, Author, Radio Talk Show host, LINKEDIN ROCK STAR!
  2. Your LinkedIn Page “SCORE” done by Mike O’Neil!
  3. And ConnectAndSell is giving away 100 FREE TRIALS!

The best LinkedIn Profile of the day wins a PRIZE… And you’ll get some actionable tips on how to improve your Profile!

“Push a button, save a man hour”

Push the button!If you are a sales leader and could enable your sales team to “push a button, and save a man hour”, would you? Of course you would!  And “you” do… more than 20% of the A & B round funded companies in America choose to do so every single year.  And as you’ll see below, companies who figure this out empower their Sales Reps to be up to 34X more productive!

Shhhh How is this possible? ANSWER: Agent Assisted dialing.  Until recently, Agent Assisted dialing was a “secret” preserved by some of the fastest growing technology companies like Inside ViewwanDISCOVaronis who leverage this technology to enable their sales teams to feel like they are much bigger than they are. In February, 2014, one of my Sales Reps “pushed the button” 494 times, and the ConnectAndSell SaaS Application with Agent Assist dialed through IVRs and Gatekeepers 30,6622.5 minutes in February (the equivalent of 511 hours).  This Sales Reps “Talk Time” was 17.25 hours in February. Put simply, without an Agent Assisted Dialer, he would have had to invest 511 man hours!  Keep in mind, there were only 160 man hours in all of February!

Key KPIs below (using Agent Assisted Dialing Technology):

  1. 20,579 Dials
  2. 511 man hours delivered by ConnectAndSell Agent Assist
  3. 17.25 hours of talk time by the Sales Rep
  4. 184 Positive Conversations
  5. 78% Conversations were held with Director & higher titles

Compared to most sales teams:

  1. 600 Dials (30 calls/day x 20 business days)
  2. 27 man hours
  3. < 1 hour of talk time by the Sales Rep
  4. 10 Positive Conversations
  5. < 20% of Conversations with Director & higher


ConnectAndSell “De-Risks” VC Backed Technology Companies


This is a BOLD statement, and can be backed up by the nearly 1000 clients that ConnectAndSell has served over the past 7 years.

ConnectAndSell Customer Stats:

  • 31 of the top 40 clients of ConnectAndSell are Venture Capital funded.
  • 3 were backed by Private Equity
  • 4 were Acquired 
  • 2 went IPO

Why do A Round funded companies choose ConnectAndSell?

  1. To learn if “the dogs will eat the dog food”!  ConnectAndSell helps the CEO and Executive team answer the question – “are product adjustments needed?”  The difference: Using ConnectAndSell, the CEO can gather this feedback in days/weeks, not months.
  2. To learn if “the right sales people are on the bus”!  In technology sales, turnover can be as high as 40%/year.  Most startups do not learn about a Sales Persons ability (or inability) to sell until months down the line.  With ConnectAndSell, clients can be equipped with analytics about the sales team in days, not months.

Cost justification for an A-Round VC Backed company?

  1. Speed – Collect data in weeks not months.
  2. Cost – ConnectAndSell is 10% the cost of human capital.
  3. Quality – Why hire B Players, when you can make your A Players 4-6X more productive!


Why do B Round funded companies choose ConnectAndSell?

  1. To learn if there is a market for the product/solution.  In the A Round, companies learn if the dog’s will eat the dog food.  In the B Round, it’s essential to determine, “is there a market, and can we compete & win in that market?”
  2. Make a team of 10 feel like it’s a team of 40!  It can take months/quarters to staff a team of 40 sales professionals, and the cost is often 20% of OTE (on target earnings).  Cost for recruiters: 40 x $100k x 20% = $800,000.  Cost of delay in hiring 40 people = lost sales, turnover, massive amounts of pain.  With ConnectAndSell, a team of just 10 people will have as many conversations as a team of 40 will have without ConnectAndSell!

Cost justification for an A-Round VC Backed company?

  1. Speed – Determine if there is a market in weeks not months.
  2. Market coverage – A “market” is basically a LIST of prospects.  When a CEO says “we can sell to anyone”, that’s a recipe for disaster.  When a CEO says, “we serve customers in this industry, this region, with this type of characteristic, and this can be created as a list, that’s a market!”  Whether the market is 691 prospects in Louisiana, or VC Backed Technology companies in the Bay Area/Denver/Austin/Raleigh/Boston, once a list is created of like companies who will tend to buy more when other companies on the list make purchasing decisions, then you have a market.  ConnectAndSell enables companies to reach a100% of the prospects on a list.  Where marketing automation falls short (typically enabling sales to reach just 9% of the list), ConnectAndSell customers approach 100% penetration.
  3. Quality – Revenue = Frequency x Competency.  ConnectAndSell helps companies increase Frequency 4-6X!


How do C Round, D Round, E, F, and Public companies use ConnectAndSell?

ANSWER: When the A & B round funded companies “grow up” with ConnectAndSell, the C, D, and Public companies have their sales team built around a new paradigm in sales–the paradigm that Sales Reps can actually talk to prospects on the phone again.  A San Mateo based VOIP Telephony company for example leverages ConnectAndSell with 8 Reps delivering upwards of 37 conversations/day per rep!  Before ConnectAndSell, they averaged just 2/day per Rep.  This company would have had to hire 18X more Lead Gen Reps to deliver the same # of conversations.  If you were the CFO of your company (or CEO, VP Sales, VP Marketing), would you rather hire 144 people, or 18 people? 


Why haven’t more Public Companies adopted ConnectAndSell?  Consider: As a VP of Sales with a $100M, or $250M public company managing a team of 50 – 100 Sales Professionals, why would I want to reduce the headcount on my team because I can do more with less?  ANSWER: I wouldn’t!  Growth companies that are venture backed have to grow.  And this is EXACTLY why growth companies that are venture backed will choose ConnectAndSell over manual dialing tools – because ONLY ConnectAndSell can enable a growth company to grow faster, with the same headcount.  

What’s the right answer for a Public Company WHO WANTS TO GROW?  (note: some public companies don’t want to grow)

ANSWER: Stack rank your sales team.  Determine how to cut the bottom 10% (or 20%, or 5%).

Example: 100 Reps @ $100,000/year = $10,000,000 annual cost.  Cut the bottom 10%.  Save $1M.  Use a portion (or all) of the $1M in savings to make the 90% of Sales Reps 4-6X more productive.

Would you rather…

  1. Have 100 Sales Reps making 30 – 50 dials/day for 3-6 hours, having 2-3 conversations/day?  Total conversations/day = 200.
  2. OR… have 90 Sales Reps making 250+ dials/day for 1-2 hours, having 10 – 15 conversations/day? Total conversations/day = 1,350

EVERY VP of Sales that I know… knows the bottom 10%.  MOST VPs of Sales I know would rather have their sales team talk to more prospects!

What type of CEO or VP of Sales are you?

3 Tricks & Tips to answer the question – Does my Sales Rep Suck or Not?

ImageAs a Sales Leader, I’m often asked, “What separates the A Players from the rest of your team?” and “How do you know when to make cuts to your sales team?”

Traditionally, my answer was – if a Rep finishes below 70% a few quarters in a row, I put them on a plan for a quarter, and if they finish < 70% again, then they were cut.  This was a costly solution to the problem of a bad hire.  At ConnectAndSell, everything changes.

The Math:  If your turnover rate is 25%, and it takes you 9 months to term an under-performing employee, then you are costing yourself a lot in bookings.  Example: $1M quota, 9 months @ 50% of quota costs you $375,000 in lost bookings.

The New Math: By leveraging an Agent Assisted Dialer like ConnectAndSell, you can quickly discover leading indicators to poor performance and take action much faster.  Example: $1M quota, Rep finishes at 50% of quota, and termed within 90 days.  Increase in Bookings by catching the under-performance earlier: $375,000 – $125,000 = $250,000 increase in bookings.  (If you have a team of 10, the value of catching this earlier is $500,000/year.  A team of 20, $1M/year.  And so on…).

What are the leading indicators to look for? (How can I term a bad hire in < 90 days?)

  1. Recognize Reps who have a high ratio of “Send information” requests from their calls.  There is a direct correlation to a Reps ability to “sell a meeting” and their ability to move deals forward.  Reps who are always accepting the prospects objection, “send me something” are also typically the Rep who sends proposals to an influencer, and loses a high % of deals.
  2. Monitor Pipeline.  Lousy Sales Reps have gotten good at “faking pipeline”.  A few ways to catch this include -
    1. Track the “company fit” - Is the percentage of companies your Rep engaged with the “right company” who can purchase your product?  Often Reps who don’t understand the ideal prospect profile waste a lot of time with companies who cannot buy.
    2. Track the level of decision maker that the Rep is engaged with – for SMB companies, “are they on the website”?
    3. How is their forecast?  After 30 days using a tool like ConnectAndSell, a Sales Rep is 4-6 months ahead of where Reps are without a Sales Acceleration solution.  If you continue to see a goose egg for Best Case and Commit after 4-6 weeks on the job, huge red flag!
  3. Listen to their calls!  As a Sales Leader, there is no excuse for not listening to your Reps make calls.  This includes prospecting calls, live sales calls & demos, and closing calls.  By monitoring the above metrics, and adding a level of quality control on top, you will know beyond a reasonable doubt if it’s time to make a cut.

The payback?  For every under-performing Sales Rep that you can identify in the first 90 days vs. 9 months, you make $250,000 in incremental bookings (assuming a $1M quota).

The payback for the employee?  When they are at 50% of quota, they are making 50% (or less) commissions and they are likely not happy either.  By leveraging the above protocols, you can cut your losses earlier returning the most to your company, and to the Rep in question.


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