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What is it to be “Powered by ConnectAndSell”? (for Lead Gen & for Sales Reps)

What is it to be “Powered by ConnectAndSell”? (for Lead Gen & for Sales Reps)


The Ultimate Guide to Timing Your Ask for Sales Referrals

“You don’t get anything in life unless you ask,” you’ve heard an elder family member say. That sort of works in sales. You’ll get something rather than nothing simply because you ask. But, when you ask at the right times, you have a much greater chance of getting even more referrals. When are those times? […]


Why You Need to Sell Yourself Before Selling to Anyone Else

Have you ever been stuck in a sales job where you have to sell something you don’t believe in? Maybe you know the product or service doesn’t work. Maybe it does, but you’d never buy it yourself. Wasn’t it tough to be in that situation? And how well did you sell that product or service? […]


ConnectAndSell, A Performance Enhancing Drug. Yes. Yes It Is!

Is ConnectAndSell A Performance-Enhancing Drug?

Yes. Yes it is.

Last week, after kicking off a Diagnostic Evaluation with ConnectAndSell, a VP of Sales wrote me a one-line email.

“FYI, I just had one of my sales guys ask me, ‘Is that the new steroid dialer?’…Referred to ConnectAndSell as PEDs for sales…”

This Absurdly Simple Sales Secret Doubles Your Sales

Credit Geoffrey James with originally talking about this one. And it is really easy. Basically, he says too many sales messages suck. Either they’re too confusing, boring, or just plain stupid. So his simple solution goes like this: Put yourself in the place of your customer. You’re very happy because you just bought your own awesome […]


Sales Coaching Comes of Age with Coaching as a Service

Think about how most sales training works: You go to a classroom You sit in there, listen to some lecture and try some hands-on training You repeat the process for 2-3 days or so The company/trainer stays on with you to provide some on-going training (in rare cases) The problem with this and similar approaches? They […]

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ConnectAndSell Vision & Leadership Lead to Record Paid Trials!

Around the time of the Sirius Decisions annual conference in Florida earlier this year, ConnectAndSell was pumping out about 10 – 15 “Paid Trials” per month–and had created a healthy high-growth technology business by then (since being founded in 2007).  And over the next 5 months, history was made under the Leadership of Chris Beall, CEO […]


CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization Study

CSO Insights is conducting their 21st  Sales Performance Optimization (SPO) survey, the past results of which have been featured in Business Week, Harvard Business Review, and Fortune. Having been a follower of this annual study, I would like to encourage you to take part in this new survey. In return for your participation CSO Insights […]


Marketers: Dial Attempts Do Matter!

The divine aha moment – dials from LDRs in San Francisco cost $8/dial where dials from ConnectAndSell Virtual Sales Force Reps cost $1.50/dial! Do the math! More is better!


Death of the Average Salesman

OpenView Labs got it so right with this post, that we’ve decided to add some of our input to it.  Just check out this customizable DEMO to see how. Why the “Death of the Average Salesman” is so applicable: “Less is more” – The billboard on the 101 says it all – “Fire 2/3 of […]


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