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ConnectAndSell ALS #IceBucketChallenge! We challenge @InsideSales, @RingCentral and @Vorsight! You have 24 hours!


The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Culture of Sales Accountability

You only get results if you set high goals, review them, and figure out why you hit or missed them. Accountability doesn’t necessarily mean blaming someone if goals weren’t achieved. You have to examine all possible contributing factors. But you do have to hold people accountable for their actions. And if they’re not getting the […]


Sales Hack: The Outbound Index

Does your company measure penetration into your top 1000 target accounts? The Bridge Group came out with the Outbound Index in September, 2013. The Outbound Index is a number that tells how many opportunities are created in a list of 1000 discrete accounts, in one quarter. The best I’ve heard of is 342! And those […]


How to Make Your Sales Team’s Day More Fun & Engaging (And Successful)

So I was reading a post by Kevin Eikenberry the other day “Why Leaders Must Consider Fun as Part of Their Job,” and I was struck by how true that really is. Do you ever think of work as fun? Or is it just another four-letter word to you? Now before you start to think […]


This Simple Approach Will Skyrocket Your Sales Overnight

Sales and life are both really a lot tougher than they seem. But they don’t have to be nearly as difficult as you make them out to be. And if you use just this one single skill, you can dramatically improve your sales performance and your quality of life. What am I talking about? It’s […]

What is Your “Sales Zone?”

First, I have to give credit where it’s due. Steve Martin, owner of the Heavy Hitter Sales Blog, came up with the idea of a “sales zone.” Basically, he says there’s three sales zones in any given situation: 15% of all sales are in your zone (meaning the sale is basically already made) 15% of […]


Sales Acceleration 301 Course – Lesson #1 The Shocking Value Statement!

  In 3 days of Sales New Hire Training at ConnectAndSell Denver, some MAJOR lessons learned were uncovered: #1 – The SHOCKING VALUE STATEMENT.  Don’t be timid, or beat around the bush on what you do…  Be SHOCKING.  Example: We take the business problem of getting decision makers on the phone and make it go away. […]

AA-ISP Colorado Chapter Meeting (August 27 @ 4pm – 6pm)

     Join The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Colorado Chapter on August 27th at 4p – 6pm to collaborate with peers, network and LEARN about Inside Sales tactics and strategies for dominating your market! When:  Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Time: 4-6pm MST  Where: Ping Identity, 1001 17th Street, Suite 100, Denver, CO  80202 […]


Words to Live By (By Harold George Schilling)

Dear Chad,

There comes a time in most Grandpa’s life, when they feel compelled to put in writing what they fell are important “words to live by” and send it to a grandchild. Well, your Grandpa has reached that point in his life, when he too has this urge. Since you are my eldest grandchild, I wanted to get this written for your birthday. Well, I didn’t quite get it complete for that important date, but felt I should still complete it and send it to you now – – “lucky Chad”.


Stuck in a Sales Slump? Do This to Get Out of It

Hard times happen to everyone – even the very best of salespeople. That’s just the way sales works – sometimes its up, and sometimes its down. Behind every big storm is an amazing rainbow! Are you looking for your rainbow? Read on… When you’re in those down times, self-doubt starts to creep in. Are you really […]


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