6 Steps to Maximize Lead Conversion Rates

Are you maximizing conversion of your leads?

Step 1 – Put a spotlight on the reality of dials/lead, and see where your company stacks up. (Avg. is 1 – 2 dials/lead). Best in class is 9.

Lead ConversionStep 2 – Determine the capacity of calls needed per month on your leads. Example: 4000 leads x 9 calls/lead = 36,000 dials.

Step 3 – Determine your existing capacity to call leads. 20 reps x 30 calls/day = 600/day x 20 days = 12,000 dials. Short 24,000 dials.

Step 4 – How many Sales Reps must you hire to enable the additional capacity?

Step 5 – Compare head count vs. a technology solution (agent assisted) It’s simple math, yet optimizing this process yields 2-3X in pipeline.

Step 6 – Visit http://www.ConnectAndSell.com and learn how technology can enable your Sales Professionals to 1) have 10 – 20+ Live Conversations/day, 2) increase pipeline by 2-3X, and 3) close more sales than ever!

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