Why I Love ConnectAndSell! by Erik Kubec

Why I Love My Job @ ConnectAndSell!

Brought to you by guest blogger, Erik Kubec, Sr. Account Executive at ConnectAndSell



  1. I get to talk to someone every five minutes
    • No matter the result of any of my pitches, I get to move on and have another one in five minutes.
    • What would dating have been like if it was like ConnectAndSell?
  1. I get to pitch / talk with sales people
    • It would be a sign of disrespect to them if I didn’t objection handle them a few times
      • “Look Mr. VP of Sales, you just asked me to ’email you something.’  Are you really going to have any respect for me if I settle for that?”
  2. I get to believe in what I sell
    • Conversations matter.  The math on how your  conversations matter will be the key to determining if we do business.

If you are working in the Denver area and DON’T LOVE YOUR JOB, check us out at http://www.ConnectAndSell.com, we’re hiring AEs and Sr. AEs in Denver.  You may also apply here: http://www.mysqore.com/#!whats-mysqore-salesrep/c1v0f 

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