How Does Advanced Sales Acceleration Line Up to the Sirius Decisions Demand Waterfall?

In 2013, Chris Beall was asked to step in as Chief Marketing Officer of ConnectAndSell.  So he caught a plane to Arizona and attended the Sirius Decisions conference.  The biggest takeaway he says was from Jason Hekl, “whoever can figure out a way to integrate a marketing automation system into an automated system to call leads back within […]

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A Practical Guide for Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Does this happen ever happen to you: You spent precious hours preparing for your big presentation. You felt totally relaxed…until a couple hours before the scheduled time. Your shoulders started to tense up. You notice the same in your neck. Now, just a few minutes before your presentation, you feel your heart racing. Your hands […]


5 Quick And Easy Ways to Research Your Prospects

What works better than starting your sales call off with a real bang? Like being super relevant to the prospect on the other end of the line? If you can find something better, I’d like to see it! But if you do outbound sales, how do you find anything out about your client? Well, the […]

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Voice Nurture Outperforms Email Nurture By 53 to 1?!!

“Hey Chad, John Jackson here.  Did I catch you at an ok time?” ANSWER: “Hey John, we’re still not ready yet, but check back with me in a quarter.” This all too familiar cat and mouse game is very often dropped mid-stream because of math.  It takes a sales person on average 23 attempts to have […]


Do You Really Need Talent to Succeed in Sales…or Can You Learn It?

You hear two stories from people in sales: I’m a natural salesperson – my biggest client is a group of Eskimos I sell igloos to every year Sales simply requires dedication and commitment for success Our friends at Objective Management Group decided to put this to the test. They wanted to study how talented salespeople […]


Get out the vote! For Service Provider of the Year 2015!

Are you planning to attend the biggest inside sales gathering of the year in Chicago?  On April 21 – 22, the biggest names in Inside Sales will all be together in one room – to share what’s going on in sales this year – TOTAL DOMINATION BY INSIDE SALES!   One of the coolest parts […]


How You Buy Predicts How You Sell!

The Non-Supportive Buy Cycle is the most powerful and the second most common weakness we find in salespeople. This weakness alone will not cause a ‘do not hire’ recommendation.


5 Simple Techniques to Get Your Prospect to Sign the Deal

In a recent blog post, one of Jim Keenan’s clients shared an enlightening quote: The longest distance in sales is the distance between the lips and the pen In other words, a simple “Yes” doesn’t mean a thing until you have a signature on the line. Have you ever thought you closed a reasonably big […]


Why Outsource Your Lead Development?

Should you outsource your lead development or should you let someone else do it? Isn’t that the age-old question every business has to ask? Here’s actually a simple answer: you should focus on what you do the best and outsource the rest. If you’re on-the-fence with it, here’s some good reasons to outsource this task: […]


How to Be Truly Awesome in a Sea of Sales Mediocrity

1. Do the tough things no one else wants to do.

To get to a place of greater success in your profession, it makes sense that you’ve got to take different actions. A nightmare client, seemingly dead-end objections – awesome sales people find a way to succeed where others don’t.


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