How to Be Truly Awesome in a Sea of Sales Mediocrity

1. Do the tough things no one else wants to do.

To get to a place of greater success in your profession, it makes sense that you’ve got to take different actions. A nightmare client, seemingly dead-end objections – awesome sales people find a way to succeed where others don’t.

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Richie Wilson, Enjoys a 10X Multiplier!

I’ve worked in sales in different capacities over the last 10 years.  Prospecting, and or cold calling via the telephone has been something that I’ve enjoyed doing over the years, nothing can replace the value of a live conversation.  I specifically remember having a dial tracker front and center for all the reps to see.  […]

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“It’s fun to hang out with doers!”

Last month, our CEO was “enjoying” his time helping out as “interim CFO” and focused on important things like collecting cash from past due clients, and tightening up the receivables.  To which he helped us turn the ship so fast that we literally collected a few million bucks in < 45 days. Through things like a […]


The AA-ISP Member Voter “Cheat Sheet”

Every year, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals asks for members (and non-members) to vote on the Top AA-ISP Members in several categories.  Until now, there has never been a “cheat sheet” for ideas on who to vote for. Here are some ideas below!  Feel free to fill in whomever you think is worthy […]


20 Short’n’Easy Tips for Sales Success

Let’s be clear: Sales itself is not easy. But, these tips are simple to understand and implement. Let me explain them, and read to the end for 4 special BONUS tips! 1. Always thank your prospects and clients for their time. 2. If you’re on a call, discuss its purpose up front. 3. Follow up […]

15 Inspiring Quotes from Sales Legends & Leaders-

Low on motivation? Feel like the daily grind’s got you run down? Out of fresh ideas? Every sales pro gets stuck in a rut from time to time. When that happens to you, following the wisdom in these quotes helps you break out of it: 1. “You have to generate revenue as efficiently as possible. And […]

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It’s 2015 So I Don’t Need Sales Reps, Right? Yeah….Not So Much

 Hello World!! My inaugural post was sparked by the provoking post circulating around the sales community – Brian de Haaff’s “Why This CEO Will Never Hire Another Salesperson”. My primary goal is not to argue whether I agree with his premise (I Don’t – and Mark Cranney’s seminal and timeless post on – Why SaaS Products […]


A Lesson in Life from Amy Van Dyken, “Beast Mode”

Amy Van Dyken, six time gold medalist, and Willow Creek Elementary School kid, the same school I went to, wears the shirt Beast Mode. This picture, taken sometime after her ATV accident gives sales professionals (and anyone) a view into what it means to persist and press on, even when you don’t want to. Amy […]


1,000 Dials/Day Is The New “100” in Lead Generation

As a 20+ year sales veteran, I never thought I’d see the day when 1,000 dials became the new 100. In “The Pursuit of Happiness”, Will Smith plays the role of Chris Gardner, who would hammer out 100 (or more) dials per day to sell stocks. In “The Boiler Room”, Seth Davis played bye Giovanni Ribisi calls […]


How to Build a Successful Work Environment for Millenials

Love’em (or not), Millenials are here to stay. Born from 1982-2004, about 62% of all Millenials ages 18-28 now have employment, according to Pew Research. In general, employers tend to see them as having entitled and narcissistic attitudes due in large part to highly involved parents who encouraged self-esteem. However, though that’s the perception, the […]


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